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Literary Analysis for “Everyday Use” In “Everyday Use” Alice Walker writes about a family and their heritage. The mother and daughter, Maggie, are getting prepared for a visit from Dee, Maggie’s sister, and her husband Hakim. a. barber. While they are visiting, Dee begins to look for old belongings that were in the last house that was burned down, also where Maggie was burned. The most valuable thing the Dee wanted was the quilts that Grandma Dee and Big Dee, her aunt, made long ago. She could not get them because the mother gave them to Maggie, so she gave up and left. Even though Dee was disappointed about not having the quilts, she tells them and readers that the world changes, but a person’s heritage, or the way they live their lives, remain constant. As the mother is cleaning up the house, she begins to talk about some of Dee’s characteristics. “Dee is lighter than Maggie, with nicer hair and a fuller figure” (Walker). This quote shows the contrast between the two sisters’ looks. In addition to the contrast, Dee is the more mature person in the story. Dee graduated from high school with a style of her own and also went to college. She was more of an upper-class person because she wanted nice things and a higher education. On the other hand, Maggie is the shy person who is insecure about her looks since she was burned in the fire. She is the younger sister with little education. She only knows how to make quilts; both the grandmother and aunt taught her. The mother and daughter cannot wait to see how Dee has grown up. Dee’s style and personality shows what kind of person she will be in the future. Dee finally arrives at their house with her husband Hakim. a. barber, or Asalamalakim. When she got out of the car, she had on a loud colored dress with plenty of oranges and yellows all over it. She also had on bracelets dangling on her arm (Walker). This

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