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Ever-Increasing Empowerment Of The American Nco Essay

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  • on May 19, 2011
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Running Head:   Empowerment of the American NCO

The Ever-increasing empowerment of the American NCO
MSG Matthew W. Reeder
United States Army Sergeants Major Academy
Class # 36
SGM Walter Thomas
22 June 2010

Historically Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) are known as the backbone of the Army and this still holds true today.   NCOs are in front leading, training, and enforcing standards.   The NCOs ever-increasing empowerment came by embracing these core factors and by remaining open to change. At every stage of the American NCOs development, leading and training Soldier while enforcing standards has remained at its core. No matter what the mission or the fight NCOs will always be ready willing and able to lead, train and all the while ensuring that they themselves hold fast to guarding and enforcing standards. = 97 words

Leading, training, and guarding the standards are the core factors that have lead to the every-increasing empowerment of the Noncommissioned Officers (NCO).   NCO’s today are a product of the NCOs of the past. Dedicated Soldiers have made the NCO Corps a respected profession through hard work, sweat, blood and tears that have earned them the title “the backbone of the Army”.   Over the years, NCOs where called many things but nothing more powerful than leader, teacher, and standard-bearer.   Throughout our Nations great history and specifically the Army, to be a NCO is to be a Leader, Trainer and Guarding of standards.
(Rush 2006 p. vi)
The early American colonists had small unit leaders (SUL) as they built their towns. Their mission was to watch and ward agents the hostile Indian tribes that outnumbered them. These SULs of the time generated duty roster, inspected posts as well as posted and relieved sentries.   On the battlefield, SULs exercised leadership as file closers in our early wars. Armies in the eighteenth century fought standing in lines facing the enemy. As units advanced and turned on the battlefield, gaps would...

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