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A: Category of event The Annual Bryon bay blues festival or bluesfest is a Major Music event held in the town of Byron nay Nsw. It showcase over two hundred performances over 5 12 hour days and includes food and market stalls, camping grounds for up 6000 people and entertainment for all ages. Blues fest website B: community signifigance and impact: Bluesfest Contributes over twenty Million Dollars to the Northern Rivers region and forty million dollars to NSW state ecomonmy annually. Bluesfest also provides opportunities for local musicians artists and business to build platforms and networks that may be otherwise unavailable. 49% of bluesfest patrontron come from interstate making bluesfest a destination event injecting boosts into NSW and Byron shire tourism ecomnimies and barnd awareness. An economic report issued by bluesfest and Lawrence Consulting in 2013 found the event itself was resposonsible fr making up apporxiamtely 2.1% of the entire shire total Gross Regional Product (GRP) Blues fest also contributes large funds to local community charities and infrastructure such as the local surf and rescue and local education. Bluesfest also goes hand in hand with Byron bays celebration of arts and culture. Fitting in with other major music festivals such as Splendor and Falls festival. C: c. The active industry associates involved with the event D: Stakeholders which are likely to be involved and their particular levels of interest Bluesfest stakeholders will include large numbers of external and internal stakeholders External stakeholders include Media: Rollingstone magazine: sponsor and advertiser on an international level. ABC 91.7 Gold coast: sponsor and live radio broadcast of event. BayFm: sponsor and local media coverage Law enforcement: Local police presence: Dealing with illicit subtances and criminal behaviour Employed security

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