Event That Changed My Life...

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Zabdiel E. Dueño Agosto Dra. Encarnación Engl 153 S00638189 Circle of life Life is like having good luck. Now you have it and maybe later you will not. For those reasons we have to live the best way that we can with the people we love, because you will never know when that person that you love will go. The death of a beloved person changes everything for those that care for that person; and most if that person was your mother. The death, particularly of a mother, is the most shocking event that could happen to someone. Mothers are the nest of life. They are the ones that take care of you; since you were born and until you grow up. Mothers are pure love, and losing them is losing one of our biggest loves. Since you open your baby eyes, you see that she is protecting you; taking care of you, making you feel happy, and much more things. Will you grow up, she is always there for you, and she keeps taking care of you and with the same love. They are the light of our eyes. In conclusion, life goes around and around. Today you are born, and maybe tomorrow you die. Nobody wants to lose a beloved one, but this is the circle of life and that is how things must be, no matter we like it or not. The mothers are the most precious things in life. That is why you have to be kind with them. No matter what happened between you and them, always remember that now you have them and later you may not. Make them feel happy, because what matters is what you gave them in life and not what you do for them after death. If thy care for us, we should care for them, before is too
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