Event Metaphysics and the Question of Personal Identity Essay

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I. Introduction Looking at it closer, it may seem as though that philosophy does not actually deal with the complex and the complicated. And what’s more ironical about it is that the simpler they get, the more difficult they become to answer them. This is what philosophy is actually about; it is about the simple, the obvious. And yet, simple as they may seem, they still become the most unfathomable, the most difficult to comprehend. In our everyday experience, we always ask what the time is, and to answer it, we just have to look at the watch or the clock to tell what the time is. Yet, could we not ask on the other hand, “What is time?” Likewise, we always say that we are in love or that we fall in love with another person. We even say that “Love makes the world go round”, and yet these are simply descriptions or even experiences wherein one cites love as the emotion attached. But then, is love simply just an emotion or affection towards another person? “What is love?” and how can we really call it as love? And perhaps, what may be the greatest irony is on that which is closest to us, the self. It is us, it is within us. Yet, we seem to be at a lost whenever we are faced with that intriguing question “Who are you?” or using the first person point of view, one would ask, “Who am I?” The great Socrates in one of his dialogues once said . Indeed, the philosophical quest for the self seems endless. It appears that this question still remained unanswered despite the passing of time. But why is it really difficult to understand man? Of all existing beings in this world, why does it have to be man when in fact, it should even be the contrary since it deals with “man’s self” himself? For one thing, among all the animals in this world, it is man who thinks. It is man who analyzes. It is he who has the capacity to think critically. As in the words of

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