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Introduction Masquerade event is basically the event which every attendant joins in costume. Most of the time, the participants wear the mask in and dress up in the formal or impressive ways. As Raffles does not have any kind of this event before, so organizing this event can help to improve the connection among students, lecturers and staffs in school as well as developing the school unique culture. Eventually, since taking the “Events Management” class, we have been training for the issues regarding organising the event. Plus, the lectures as well as all the other students always welcome to support us doing the event. Therefore, we would like to create the Masquerade event for Raffles in order to not only apply what we have learned during the “Event Management” class but creating the unforgettable moment for Raffles students in their graduation ceremony. Event Planning 1. Event Objectives The Masquerade party is focus on creating a memorable event not only for graduate students, but also for current students and lecturers. In addition, the event would like to form a community in Raffles College through Raffles Event Club. The event might introduce and expand the college to the wider public. 2. Event Stakeholders  Host organisation: Raffles Event Club is responsible for running the event.  Sponsors: Raffles College is the main sponsor for the event, and Lucia’s Table would be another recommended one.  Participants and Spectators: they would be students and lecturers from Raffles College, their friends and relatives, and others who would like to participate in the event.  Government partners: possibly invite some members from North Sydney council. 3. Event Detail The Masquerade event is going to be set up in the same day of the graduation day for Raffles student. In order to match the college schedule, the ideally time to settle the event is in the

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