Evel Knievel’S Effect On Extreme Sports

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Evel Knievel’s Effect on Extreme Sports How did Evel Knievel become an American Icon? He sought fame, first in his home-town, then around the country, and eventually world-wide. It did not take long for him to find this notoriety either. In the late sixties he introduced a new variety of entertainment for thrill seekers everywhere. His success came through death-defying leaps on a motorcycle, jumping over giant fountains, bounding gigantic canyons, and hurdling massive rows of Mack trucks. Determination fueled his drive not to surrender to fear, regardless of the detriment to his body and ultimately his overall well being. Knievel’s success did not come without serious consequences to his health. Why did he endorse this senseless and dangerous behavior? It was especially questionable behavior after his first failed jump. Some onlookers might have viewed it as pure stupidity; while for others it fed their excitement. Adrenaline, rushing like an overflowing river, out-of-control in his veins, is what drove him to do such crazy acts. Society has changed their views about taking risks since Evel Knievel first pushed the limits in front of a vast audience; subsequently triggering a new era of “extreme sports” during that span of time. “Living on the edge,” quickly became a popular way of life for many individuals. Extreme sports will continue to get more and more extreme, due to the snowball effect. Partakers must continue to push the envelope, to be cutting edge entertainers; otherwise, they will quickly become old news. Observers will also continue to demand more outrageous risks from these individuals, as the present will become a speck on the radar, while waiting for something new to come along and peek their interests. Extreme sport participants cannot seem to get enough of that “high”. It is almost like
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