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HOW TO TRAVEL BY A PLANE Travelling by a plane is always a dream of mine. Every time a saw a plane flying over the sky, I think myself on board of that plane. It was my long cherish desire to have a journey by plane and I got the opportunity when my grandfather became sick and we had to rush there as soon as possible. Undoubtedly plane is the fastest means to reach any where in this world. I went to Jessore from Dhaka by Bangladesh biman. I bought a ticket from Bangladesh Biman office and arrived at airport 2 hr before the flight departure time and got myself checked and waited in the lounge. I was given a boarding card on which the number of my seat is written. After sometimes the departure of the flight was announced through loudspeaker and we were asked to board the plane. Before boarding in I was thoroughly checked physically by the security personnel because in aircraft security is off utmost importance. Even I was not allowed to carry my small knife with me. I got on board and found my seat. The plane took off at 10 A M. When the plane took off I fastened my seat belt. I was given light refreshment and newspaper. I looked through the windows. I saw clouds floating in the sky. Houses and trees below looked like tiny toys. Within a very short time we reached Jessore airport. Tough the journey took only 30 minutes, it gave me much pleasure. Even today I bear the flight in my

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