Eve of st. Agnes- John Keats

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KEATS ESSAY. JP SALEH John Keats, as well as William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, Lord Byron and others, was a romantic poet; who wrote about the current issues at the time such as the French revolution and the industrial revolution's impact on society and countryside. The period which the term romantic was associated with was from 1789 to 1824, 1789 being the beginning of the French revolution and 1824 being the date of Lord Byron’s death. Some famous quotes by Keats are “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”- “A son of this earth unveiled this lore divine. 
O lover of beauty, thy "Endymion” “Health is my expected heaven.” The quote on his health is referring to Keats breakdown of health after he received a vast amount of criticism, related to his poems and phrases, from critics and even, close friends. Eve of St Agnes is set in a honourable country house, belonging to the wealthy Barron, somewhere with in the English countryside. There is a party taking place, which is being attended by the Barron himself and his beautiful daughter, Madeline. Little does Madeline know, but her admirer Porphyro is about to sneak in. Porphyro means purple, insinuating royalty, power and wealth. The whole play is set at night creating a sense of drama and inconspicuousness. JP SALEH To create atmosphere, in stanza 1, and to set the picture for things to come Keats uses the weather to get across a bitter atmosphere of which the reader can relate to. The first line “ah, bitter chill it was” is very physical and encapsulates the reader. The next unusual technique Keats utilises is irony, “ the owl, for all its feathers, was a-cold”. If the owl, which is used to

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