Evangelism Vision Paper: Kosovo

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY evangelism vision paper A PAPER SUBMITTED TO Dr. homer massey IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COURSE EVAN 525 LIBERTY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY BY DAVID E. ROBERTS LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA SUNDAY, JULY 4, 2014 Table of Contents Introduction 3 New View of Evangelism 3 My Evangelism Vision 5 My Future in Ministry and Evangelism 7 Conclusion 8 Bibliography 9 Introduction Evangelism doesn’t come easy for me. I get nervous and doubt my ability to fulfill the Lord’s expectation for me. At least that is what I tell myself. Evangelist G.K. Chesterton covered the issue when he wrote “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it’s been found difficult and not tried.” This statement is a reflection of my evangelical history, I am saddened to admit. Although I am certain of God’s calling for my life, discerning His specific mission for me is am intimidating task. This paper will provide an overview of my evangelism vision and the related challenges in my life. My personal evangelism vision will guide my walk with Christ. Throughout my early Christian walk I was influenced by traditional Southern Baptist churches with strong evangelical visions of their own. Unfortunately, this focus appears to be fading in many of the churches my wife and I have visited in recent years. I know that in my own life, I have been focused more on my personal relationship with God and less with spreading the Gospel. New View of Evangelism Although I was well aware of the “Great Commission” when this course began, in practice I thought that practical evangelism is the responsibility of professional ministers. I have witnessed when the opportunity presented, however I did not feel a driving passion to evangelize the lost. I was more concerned about my personal walk.

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