Evan Weissman A Man's Perspective Analysis

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Women Studies Has Evolved Throughout The Years Since women were given the ability to vote in the early 1920s. Women studies has evolved throughout the years, since 1970. Currently there are close to a thousand women’s studies programs throughout the world. In the world we live in, we have experienced many years of an androcentric society, which still occurs to this day. It is very important that this behavior is studied to bring upon awareness of this crucial and ongoing issue. If we do not change the thought processes in regards to the inequality of women, it will cause the male gender to continue sexism towards women. The media has exploited women as pretty and innocent to increase sales for products in all industries for many…show more content…
In the story, “A man’s perspective”, by Evan Weissman, he shows his enthusiasm in having a role as a young man willing to explore on how he can contribute towards women struggles from freedom and equality. Evan Weissman realized he had the privilege to accept the ignorance of non-feminist men or change their way of thinking by making them aware of how disrespectful there comments were to him. They will think twice before making any negative or prerogative comments about women around his presence. Throughout the time span of my life, I have encountered many situations where the male gender referring to women in such a low matter. I have realized how offensive I get when a man acts upon in a feminist or sexist way. That has been the way I always felt even before attending a woman studies course. For example, I was around a group of men who were socializing about how women have satisfied them sexually and labeling them as bitches and whores. So at first I laughed about it but the more they continued I had to take a stand by asking them why they always have to talk about women in such a terrible fashion. They looked at me like I was from another world. They did not know how to pursue, so there was a silence until another male individual agreed with me and change the discussion. I felt so satisfied to open up their minds and make them realize that they could not talk…show more content…
In the story, “Talking Back”, by Bell Hooks, she states how brave and risk taking it was to take a stand by talking back to an authority figure which was usually a male individual. This has become a trend that has been passed on through many generations. It is usually the case because the woman’s role is to stay home to raise the children, cook, and clean while the man goes off to work to provide for the family. Therefore, the man of the house is excused for all of his bad habits. Like, complaining about his meals not the way he wants them to be, clothes not clean or ironed the way he feels they should be, and the house not maintained the way he feels it should be. Since the man is usually the bread winner, the females in the household have no voice. The male gender do not support the women gender to get educated and eventually join the work force because if the woman grows to be independent they feel they will lose control and will not always get there way. It seems like men are afraid of women becoming more successful than them. Throughout the year’s woman have gained the courage to take a stand and voice their opinion. They are feed up and are willing to fight harder to claim what is there’s and not receive it. When I started working in US Corporate America, I noticed

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