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Good-intentioned Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr., discusses the characteristics of the not so archetypical business world’s antihero in his Harvard Business Review worthy “We Don’t Need Another Hero.” The primary fact that Badaracco’s article is valuable enough to be included in the most respected business journal in the US is conclusive enough to assume that it’s worth your reading time. And it is. Nevertheless, Badaracco’s basics to leadership do raise a number of red flags to the super-ethical and might become the heel of the not-so-super-ethical as they work up the corporate ladder. So why don’t we need another hero? There was never a time more necessary than today for a hero-like business leader, right? Well, sort of. In the article, Badaracco presents four qualities of today’s “quiet heroes”: put things off till tomorrow; pick your battles; bend the rules, but don’t break them; and find a compromise. Such a hero would not make a good action figure, comic book character, or Hollywood hit. In fact, when placed so closely together, these characteristics nearly outline the opposite of today’s perception of a hero; however, that is specifically Badaracco’s point. Such business leaders have rewritten the definition of an antihero. He successfully supports his conclusion that business today needs leaders who are patient, level-headed, and cautious. The article is an easy read. Subheadings dam the flow periodically and afford the reader with an opportunity to peacefully pool his or her thoughts every so often—contrary to the white water of many lengthy articles. The text is organized logically and follows the basic format most have been trained to read: introduction, thesis, conclusion. Amidst the discussion, a reader is not thwarted with business jargon, and Badaracco seems to be unconcerned about winning any spelling contests. The diction is appropriate and palatable.

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