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Scenario Evaluation Plan C B Tuck HSM 270 February 3, 2012 ARIN NORRIS PEACE Domestic Violence developed a program and addressed the components of the logic model and the development of the evaluation plan was also being written. I am happy to say and pleased to announce that the evaluation plan is complete. It is important that staff read over the evaluation plan so that they are familiar with the ins and outs of the tool so that they don’t find theme selves stumbling thru the document as they use it. Making themselves familiar with the evaluation plan will make the process easier and the data more accurate especially because it is based on the empowerment evaluation model in which we are doing self-assessment of our program services. Having a staff meeting and everyone having their own copy of the evaluation plan to review page by page and line by line with the outside evaluators that are volunteers and are educated in their respective fields of human service, psychology, sociology, elementary education, and economics is vitally important. Evaluation Plan Directory 1. Community need 2. Activities and/or services to be implemented 3. Desired results 4. Indicators (elements to be measured/collected) 5. Method of measurement 6. Type of instrument(s) to be used 7. Minimum level of success the program hopes to achieve 8. The implementation steps A. Who is going to collect the data? B. When will the data be collected (data/timeline) C. Who will be responsible for aggregating and analyzing the data? D. How will the results be used, and who will be responsible for determining the format for use of the results? * Reports * Public Relations * Other uses of the results Community Need Community is defined as a group of people that live in the same area or the area in which they live. Needs is

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