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Outback the Wonderful Food Establishment As a leading restaurant in the Wichita area Outback Steakhouse strives hard to maintain stability and compete with other local and national restaurant chains. Outback has been a busy evening and weekend hangout for people and their families since the early to mid-90’s. Every day they start fresh to create the flavors that their customers crave. Best known for grilled steaks, chicken and seafood, Outback also offers a wide variety of soups and salads. All of their creations are always made fresh daily. As one of the top-of-the-line restaurants in the area Outback is always busy and teaming with people. Outback is the best restaurant in Wichita because it brings a touch of the Australian culture to America. Starting off with the atmosphere when you walk into one of their stores, you get a real sense of what it must be like to be in Australia. Everything has an Australian theme to it from the walls to the booths you eat at. Even the waiting area makes you feel like you’re not in Kansas anymore. Who else has a water dispenser readily available for waiting customers? They do! Another thing that’s very noticeable is the hostess will hold the door open for all patrons coming and going and always with a smile and a cheerful greeting or farewell. The service is almost right there after you sit down. It’s like you don’t even have time to see what drinks they offer. So the server has to be very knowledgeable to what drinks and such that Outback offers. It’s always important for people to feel like there at home especially when their out and about, and should be the number one thing that restaurants try to achieve. Who wants to go to a run-down unfriendly restaurant? Once you look at the menu your mouth will be watering. The appetizers all just look amazing. Just like a lot of other places Outback has the typical appetizers Spinach

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