Evaluation of Training Essay

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Paper: Evaluation of Training, Response Sheet-2 Paper: VI Minimum 500 words, Tabular & Graphical Presentation will be added advantage. Ques-1 Briefly Enumerate any FIVE METHODS available to you for measuring the outcome of Training. Ques-2: Write Short Notes on: i) Major hurdles in Cost-Benefit- Analysis ii) Calculating Training Costs iii) Measuring Training Benefits Paper: Electronic Enabled Training Systems, Response Sheet-2 Paper: VII Minimum 500 words Ques-1: Why is E-Learning Popular? Ques-2: What are the some of the pitfalls with E-learning? MEASURINGTHE IMPACT OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT In the world of training and development, measuring program impact is a frequent discussion topic. Everyone seems to besearching for the perfect measurement system to increase organizational capabilities and link them with the business strategy. Human resource practitioners, OD consultants, training managers, and senior managers realize that any training and development activities should eventually show a positive return and improve the bottom line. Otherwise, why even bother to have a training and development process? REASONS FOR MEASURING TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES Why should an organization measure the progress of its training and development curricula? Some rationale includes: • To justify the financial investment in the training and development programs. • To gather feedback for ongoing improvement as a program is being delivered. • To demonstrate the link between HR programs and the company’s strategy. • To compare the effectiveness of two or more training programs. • To meet requirements set by professional organizations or government regulations THE CUSTOMER-DRIVEN APPROACH Because there are so many reasons for measuring program

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