Evaluation of the Weight Loss Program Medifast Essay

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Evaluation of the Weight Loss Program Medifast Argosy University There are so many different weight loss programs out there today, that claim that their product can produce weight loss in so many weeks if you just follow their plans. I have chosen to research the product Medifast. The Medifast 5&1 plan is designed for rapid safe weight loss. It states that if you eat five of their specially formulated one hundred calorie meals and one lean & green meal on your own, you can lose two to five pounds a week for the first two weeks and one to two pounds per week thereafter, while not being hungry (Medifast, 2014). Medifast says if you eat a meal every two to three hours each day you will not fill hungry or deprived. Meals are specially formulated to curb in-between meal hunger. The meals are low fat and nutritional, lean protein and fiber, and fortified vitamins and nutrients. By sticking with their products and supplementing with meat and vegetables as an entrée you will stay full longer and nourished with the intake of protein, fiber, and nutrients and very little calorie intake. Meals are individually portioned, along with controlled calorie intake, at around 800 to 1,000 calories per day, controlled carbohydrate intake at 30 to 50 grams below the minimum recommended daily allowance. Medifast carbs have a low glycemic index (GI), meaning the effect of measured carbs on the blood sugar. Low GI carbs keeps your blood sugar and metabolism normal and helps to keep you full longer (Medifast, 2014). Some overweight individuals may have a struggle with the reduction in calorie intake. Some may have an increase in hunger to the point that they feel starved and may not be able to control the desire to eat. They may find it very hard to get satiation from the lowered calorie intake for a long period of time (Pinel, 2010). Rapid weight loss can lead

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