Evaluation of strategy: McAuslan

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Evaluation of strategy: Peter McAuslan ensured that the focus of the business was correct in the context of the customers, competitors and industry trends. McAuslan was able to identify a focus, that is to offer a more distinctive taste than the big Canadian brewers. This fit right into customer context as his beer was welcomed by patrons who appreciated his beer with an imported taste at a lower price. At the time, microbrewery competition was very limited in the microbrewery sector and the industry trend was toward regular mainstream beers offered by the big 2 breweries: Molson and Labatt beer. Indeed there was a “fit” between the McAulsan breweries and the external environment. At the time there were very little local microbreweries offering a distinctive taste from the big breweries. If the customer wanted to taste something he would have to purchase imported beer at a premium. McAuslan fit nicely in this niche brewing distinctive beer locally at a cheaper price than imports. McAlsan beer also had the added value of being brewed without any additives or preservatives. The outcome of McAuslan’s strategy was indeed a competitive advantage. The breweries product was instantly valued by customers. Furthermore McAuslan clearly differentiated itself from the competition. McAulsan’s competitive advantage could not be imitated at the time as they were filling a very distinct niche, that of supplying distinctive tasting local beer. McAuslan’s resources were very different than those of big breweries. Peter McAuslan was able to identify the opportunity of a need for local a microbrewery and respond quickly by setting up shop and creating his own microbrew. This was accomplished with his limited resources and he was able to continuously reinvest in small increments when new opportunity arose by buying more fermentation tanks and creating new brews. It’s

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