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Evaluation Of A Vera Wang Add Essay

  • Submitted by: dlospmegg1757
  • on December 1, 2009
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Soft fingertips run gently over the curve of her shoulder, lips gracing a long slender neck with butterfly kisses. Eyelids fluttered, closing over porcelain cheeks. Waves of chocolate colored hair were pulled back allowing the circlet of golden leaves to glisten in the soft light. Her lips gaped open in ecstasy as a handsome mortal man graced his goddess with his prayers. His hand begins to slide down the pristine white gown that she wears and she makes no move to stop him...
                Women everywhere dream of being in the same position as the goddess on the page, and according to Vera Wang Fragrance, it is possible through use of their product. The smell contained in every drop of that liquid golds will have men stare and flock, while the buyer feels every inch as beautiful as the woman they dream to be. Though a subconscious guarantee, women run to departments stores in swarms to try to accomplish this very dream, often emptying their pockets into the waiting hands of the Vera Wang Fragrance brand bank account. The ad appears to be very successful in its attempt to woo thousands of potential buyers to their product by using emotion and playing on the dreams of unsuspecting consumers.
                Vera Wang fragrance has acted on these dreams. Placing their ad on a full page in a highly popular woman's magazine called Vogue, they have struck straight to the ambitious women that they intend to purchase their product. With its romantic tone, its soft image and carefully placed subliminal messages it has caused women to pause and quickly analyze the picture in relation to them.   They picture that they would be rich enough to afford that piece of gold, to be that lovely, to be loved, to have that moment. That is the mentality of a woman when she sees this, but a man sees different.
        Investigating the effect that the Vera Wang fragrance ad had on men, it was found that there to be no real response; in fact, they flipped right by it. Most men...

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