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“Friends” Evaluation Friends is certainly the best comedy sitcom of the nineties. This show is about a group of six best friends from Manhattan that cruise their way helping each other to get them through the obstacles in life, Friends have brought to America and many other countries laughter and the essence of friendship. Watching Television plays a major part in most people’s lives. Billions of people watch their favorite shows on television every day, and it does not matter the format of this genre, there is something for everyone. This media is around us in our daily lives, even the busiest people will find the time to relax and enjoy a TV show on whatever there personal preference might be, today’s Television has come far from what it used to be; so many channels and so many choices of programming gives the audience the opportunity to watch what they want and not “just what is on TV”. The situation comedy Friends aired in 1994 in NBC for the first time, the show received a positive acceptance right from its pilot, Thursdays from 8:30 pm to 9:00 pm at a prime time Television, which allowed the majority of viewers already out of work, done with dinner and kids homework to be glued by the TV set and laugh for an entire decade. A significant part of the show takes place sitting on a couch at a coffee shop called Central Perk, where friend Rachel Green serves customers the wrong orders and stayed chatting with her other five friends instead of working. Friends appeals to its audience on the fact that everyone goes through life with friends, and in this show, that is what is all about. Six best friends who some grew up together, and some they recently met, go through their adult lives with each other by their side, resembling certain audience own stories, grasping so many of the younger crowed by identify themselves with their stories. "KyahCA's Profile -
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