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EVALUATION ESSAY Evaluation essay Vicky Laborn Grand Canyon University English 106 27 March 2011 Brown rice sesame salt There are hundreds of thousands people in America die from cancer every year. We have to deal with those illnesses because we don’t know how to take care our health in regular daily basic. Eating “Brown rice sesame salt” is one great treatment for all of illness. Eat brown rice sesame salt will helps not only keep your body healthy, losing every diseases, and also enables us to have a mental state is very gentle, relaxed, full of freshness and clarity. All day from morning to night, from early to evening your feeling is always calm, thoughtful. Its fulfill with a healthy lifestyle, leisure, liberated. My grandfather passed away when he was young because he had neck cancer tumor. Dr. Nguyen Vo, eldest son of our paternal grandparents also died because of postal neck cancer. Our mother and sister have breast cancer. All of them are the ones suffering from incurable diseases at young age, their life expectancy of just only fifty or younger. It is special and lucky that one of our sisters, Nguyen Thuy, has been saved from breast cancer at the last stage, and after all the Eastern and Western medical doctors said no more treatment for her. It is because I love my sister so when I am stay in United State at the time, every week I ask myself or my father to call back to Viet Nam to mobilize spiritual guidance method happy life, as permitted by eating brown rice salt sesame, follow the practice of concentration, exposure to the breath, conscious smile for our sisters. Her illness was in remission and restore health to a mystery. She now is a pilgrimage to worship the holy places in China, India, and Viet Nam and she's detectives visited the United States Kim Son monastery meditation centers in North America with a lot of other charity people.

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