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A.J. Crawford Michelle Pederson English 101-11 October 21, 2014 “Midas Burger for some Chicken” Midas Burger has been in business for 49 years and is one of the top places to eat in Arab, AL or around the south for that matter; just ask a regular customer. Try them one time and I guarantee you will become one of their regular customers also. They have one small problem: sometimes you have to wait. You see, at Midas Burger they prepare each and every order at the time you order. Nothing is prepared for you ahead of time. They want it fresh, and we know that is the way you want it too, so we can only cook chicken so many pieces at a time and we get behind. The wait is worth it though. It must be because regular customers return time and time again. Midas Burger not only offers great food but awesome service and a great value for the meal. Midas Burger has a small town atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Even though orders sometimes get backed up, food delivery is generally quick. Midas Burger has a menu with many undeniable choices waiting on you when you enter, so ordering is made simple for you. That is unless you can’t decide between the delicacies. They do have a very friendly staff and if you are having trouble deciding on what to eat they will not rush you into a decision. Also, nine times out of ten your order will be correct. I say nine times out of ten because everyone can’t be perfect. When walking into Midas Burger you know you have found a hole in the wall gem of a fast food restaurant. Midas burger is clean and you can always count on a good health rating. They have interesting articles taped up to keep anyone updated about the town of Arab. Most importantly, Midas Burger has the best chicken sandwiches is town and arguably in the south. Midas Burger’s chicken sandwiches are

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