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"Ladder 49" "Ladder 49" is a fictional film that came out in 2004, directed by Jay Russell. This movie is about a heroic Baltimore Firefighter named Jack Morrison who is trapped on the 11th floor after saving a man's life, and flashbacks show all of the past events from his first day as a rookie firefighter to where he is at this point. "Ladder 49" fills in the shoes of what it's like to start off as a rookie firefighter, all the teasing that comes with it, the relationships made, friendships made, and all the memories that come along with the job show how being a firefighter is a lot like being a part of a family or team. The film had great special effects that really seemed like I could almost feel the heat from the fires, an interesting story line which kept me feeling different emotions every other scene, and some phenomenal acting that really made me feel like I was part of the movie. The special effects used in the movie "Ladder 49" were actually really something special because most of the fires and explosions in the movie were real thanks to special effects coordinator, Larry Fioritto. There is a reason why there isn't many firefighter movies and one good reason is because it is hard to make a fire look uncontrollable but at the same time have control over it. Larry went above and beyond making almost every fire scene having real flames and explosions. Before even messing with the fires many of the actors had to train as rookie firefighters in order to be as prepared as possible for what was to come. Baltimore City Fire Department worked closely with Fioritto, ensuring that the safety of the fires and explosions were at a controlled state, they worked so closely that there was even present firefighters at some sequences ready to go in case anything did go wrong. All these fire and explosions of course came with some close calls, Jay Russell had a good

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