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Santa Fe, a well-known Chinese restaurant in Matamoros is the perfect place for a meal if you’re looking for both exquisite and casual dining. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very comforting due to the beautiful Chinese decoration. The staff is friendly, welcoming and efficient and they are always willing to make your dining experience the best. Santa Fe offers an extensive menu of famous Chinese cuisine at quite reasonable prices. A particular visit last month proved to me that Santa Fe lives up to the expectations of its guests. Santa Fe allows you to feel relaxed mainly because of its atmosphere, good service, and amazing food. The restaurant it’s decorated with beautiful Chinese paintings, lamps, dragons and other objects of Chinese culture. As you eat, you can clearly hear the sound of the piano or the music playing, which is very calm and peaceful. Something special about this place is a pond with a bridge that connects the main restaurant with the area where events take place. As you go across the bridge you will be able to appreciate different and beautiful types of fish and turtles. Santa Fe really brings you peace while eating with the ones you love. The service at Santa Fe is definitely one of the best. As soon as you walk through the door you will hear ‘‘how are you’’ as welcome you. You never have to wait to get a table Gonzalez 2 because the waiter will take you as soon as you enter. The restaurant is big enough and there are empty tables most of the time. While everyone is getting a seat another waiter comes to the table with some bread and butter for the guests to enjoy and take the drink order. When the drinks arrive the order is taken and if you have any questions about the menu, waiters are very knowledgeable about it and give detailed information. The times I’ve been there, the order does not take long and as we ate our meal the

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