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Evaluation Essay I’ve been swimming ever since I could walk; I’ve always loved the water. When it came to start swimming competitively; in high school and in college, it wasn’t leisure swimming anymore. College swimming may be tougher, but it is more beneficial and put together than high school swimming. College is difficult, for the students that aren’t in athletics; now imagine waking up every morning at 5:15 AM before a long day of classes. And, after those classes, going to practice again. It gets hard, and many times I lack sleep, but in the end when I perform the better than ever, at the Summit League Conference Championships, it makes it all worth it. I’m from a small town in Wisconsin; therefore I went to a small school with no pool. This resulted in having to drive forty-five minutes to practice everyday. It was a very expensive hobby to have throughout high school, just from the gas costs alone. Being at Western, and being just a walk away from the pool makes it a lot easier. It’s a good feeling to know that I don’t have to drive that far everyday when I get done with classes. On top of being forty- five minutes away from the pool, during high school swimming, we also did not have trainers, like college has. In college it is very useful to have trainers be so accessible. It’s convenient, if you’re injured, you can go get your injury checked out and get ice or anything needed for it right away. It is also very helpful if you’re sore and want to get massages. Another very useful thing the trainers do for us in college is keep fresh water on our pool deck. We never had any of this in high school; it was more fending for yourself if you were sore, and injured. And, you always had to make sure to bring water to practice, because it wasn’t supplied. There have been many times I have gone to the trainers because of shoulder injuries and knee injuries from

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