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Natural World I have for some time been exploring and reflecting on what urban naturalism might look like. Thus, I was very excited to read Lyanda Lynn Haupt’s book Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness, in which she ponders what it might be like to be a naturalist in the city. Haupt has chosen the crow whose presence in almost any environment, even ones that have been highly humanized, to write this book. The focus of the book is mainly crows, but it is really about so much more. It makes the readers notice the simple and unknown urban wildlife that can be found essentially everywhere in the city, and the wildlife is living with humans. Crow Planet makes us notice that we are part of nature and live with nature. The book is an essential book, especially for those of us living with humanity and all forms of life in urban places. Haupt's wisdom and passion gracefully carries the readers through the text. Her vision for the integrity of a holistic life is inspiring and I undoubtedly will return to this book time and again. Other readers would do well to do likewise, especially if they live in the city or the suburbs. Over the course of the book, Haupt names and describes essential facts of an urban naturalism and does so using stories from her own experience of watching crows. First and foremost, the presence of crows is an energizing one, spurring even the most ecologically sensitive of us out of a hopeless lethargy. They remind us that even in the grittiest of cities, we are a part of nature. We must seek to reconcile the whole of our lives with wildlife in all its manifold forms, wherever we are. In addition, Haupt states when we allow ourselves to think of nature as something just out there, we become prey to complacency. If nature is somewhere else, then what we do here doesn’t really matter. However, we as Humans do not

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