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What is Cosmetology? Cosmetology/Salon Owner is the career path I have chosen to pursue. I am currently enrolled in Ivy Tech to pursue Criminal Justice but while doing my research on it, I found out that I really have no passion for the Law Enforcement field. I graduated from Kayes Beauty College on December 22, 2011, and I absolutely love doing hair. It is my passion. Cosmetology- the art and science of the beautification of hair, skin, and nails. Since I am already a licensed cosmetologist, I have chosen to come to school to obtain my Associates Degree in Business so that I can learn how to properly open and maintain my own salon. I have been doing hair for going on 10 years now and it’s basically my gift for God. My mom didn’t know how to do our hair, and with her having three girls somebody had to learn how to do it. In my research I found out that there are many different fields of cosmetology. You can be a beautician, barber, esthetician, etc. Cosmetologist can also become teachers in beauty colleges, sales representative for distributors, beauty editors for magazines, or examiners for State Cosmetology boards. Advancement in this field is basically based on the stylist. There are a lot of pros and cons in this field. The pros are there is a lot of money to be made, a lot of people to be met and advancements to achieve. The cons are when the down season is met and you don’t have stable clientele, your money comes in slow, if you choose to pay booth rent and don’t have stable clientele then you hurt yourself because you are paying out more than you are bringing in, and another con is if you don’t keep up with the latest hairstyles then you lose a lot of clients because nobody wants an old out to date hairstyle. As my salon owner Shelly Wells said in her interview, “you have to be knowledgeable in all areas in this field in order to keep up”. With me

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