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Brandy LaGrange Composition One; Section 1100 Evaluation Essay 12/1/2011 Mrs. Kathleen France More and more people have been taking the GED classes every year. Has there ever been a time when the feeling of accomplishment has overwhelmed one to the point where the task of starting has been blurred? The GED gives the option to accomplish that goal of being able to get a college degree or an entry-level job. Either a homeschooler or a high school dropout is looking into going to college needs to take the GED class in order to be accepted. How does one go about finding where to look for these classes? Classes are held normally in the local library, or at the American Red Cross there are classes offered as well. Once a class is located then there is the option to go through the class, or to take the practice test. If the practice test is taken then it helps the instructor understand the parts of the test that needs to be explained more. Once this is figured out then the instructor can sit down one on one with the student and help them out. The instructor will give helpful insight on what is not or is not working for that student. At that time the student will be given mini practice test on the subjects that they are not doing so well in. The practice test is made up of math, history, science and creative writing. This gives them the opportunity to learn more and get a better understanding on what the subject are, and how the test is going to be for them. This stage is helpful because it determines what extra help is necessary. Then the proper guidance is given to the student for those subjects, and they can study them better and know how to understand it better. Finally the day comes to take the test! On this day the one taking the test will have two hours to complete. It is broken up into 55 minutes for the essay in the creative writing, and then the rest

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