Evaluation and Judgment Essay

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Week 7 – CheckPoint: Evaluation and Judgment Axia College of University of Phoenix BEH225 – Introduction to Behavioral Science Evaluation and Judgment What are the different ways in which we evaluate people? When we first meet someone, our first impression can usually influence the way we treat that person and our future interaction with them. Schemata, primary effect, stereotyping, defensive hypotheses, and personal attitudes play an integral part in how we perceive others. According to the primacy effect, our first impressions are the strongest. We use sets of expectations, many times beliefs we have been taught from a young age, social “norms”, and stereotypes as the basis for our presumptions of others. Proximity and frequent contact can also account for growing attraction between people. We may also like people because they appeal to us on a physical level or share similar interests, values, attitudes or are of equal social standing and share a common lifestyle. How do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people? It is always necessary to remember that our own perceptions can color the way we view others. These biases in perception often lead to the fundamental attribution error where we overemphasize internal or personal forces as influences on others and in turn place more emphasis on external or situational forces when accounting for our own behavior. Often people seek to understand each other by judging the attributes which cause each others behavior. These attributions are either external or internal and are realized by analysis of different behavior patterns. Many times when we have been exposed to a stereotype directed at us personally, this belief becomes a part of the fabric of who we become – thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. What are the disadvantages of these expectations? All of the factors given

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