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COURSEWORK STRUCTURE Section 1: In lesson 1, I watched Sahi’s group perform a scene which had explored the meaning and story of a picture we had previously looked at. This picture was an anonymous women isolated in a room with no clothes on. As soon as the scene had begun, Anisha immediately began to question the audience. She asked ‘Do you think she’s mental? Why do you think she’s here?’. I thought this was quite an effective way to start off the scene as I had started to think of the possibilities of why the women were there. I certainly was more engaged and connected with performance as I instantly became eager to know why this woman was there. Another thing that was successfully used was the use of crosscutting. When Samet (The women) had finished speaking, there was an immediate switch to the other side of the room. When Samet was speaking the audience were made to feel sorry for him however, when the crosscut had taken place, the scene had portrayed Samet as ‘Crazy’ and ‘Mental’. This crosscut provided a prompt distinct of emotions as feelings of empathy were instantly changed to feelings of disgust and dislike towards Samet. One thing they could have used was the use of light. This drama medium could have been used as a symbolic reference to the women’s situation and feelings. At the start of the scene, there was a monologue from the women explaining her distraught feelings. During this monologue, they could have dimmed the lights making it quite dark; this could have symbolised the lack of hope the women was facing. Two people behind him- Distance shows a lack of a relationship. Perhaps they may be a past tragic memory revisiting him. Black clothes- Symbolize the dark and horrid situation this man is in or is going to face. A bridge- Will he jump off it? Hands over head- This man may be traumatised by an event that has taken place. Or, has he

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