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14 October Evaluation Evaluating sources I found to be very difficult. It took me a lot of time and many hours of searching to find valuable sources. My first source is The Encyclopedia of Drug Abuse. This book had tons of information on my topic. My second source is an article from The American Journal Psychiatric there was a lot of different articles associated with this source. The third source I evaluated came from The Journal of Trauma & Dissociation it g gave lots of different information that was studied over a ten year period. My forth source gave me tons of information on the correlation on stress and substance abuse. The four sources I have decided to evaluate and use for my argumentive essay all had very valuable information on mental illness and substance abuse. My first source The Encyclopedia of Drug abuse written by Esther Gwinnell, was a very valuable source. It had different articles about every mental illness, it also described each drug and the affects that occurred with each. This article gave me a valuable lesson on stress. It explained stress is a common occurrence in life. It also explained how stress is the biggest trigger in substance abuse and relapse when dealing with mental illness. This article gave detailed information on how important it is to identify substance abuse early and get the patient in to treatment right away. It was published in 2008 by Facts on File. Inc. There were references from many different M.D.’s and PH.D doctors that specialized in the subject. Esther Gwinnell is a psychiatrist in private practice, as well as an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland. She is an expert in psychopharmacology and lectures for many maceutical companies on psychiatric medications. She is also editor for Psychiatric Practice Success. This source gave me ten

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