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Wesleyan University – Philippines Mabini Extension Cabanatuan City College of Business and Accountancy THESIS ABSTRACT Title : Evaluation of MSC Food Products Company Researchers : Mary Joy C. Bagayan Diana Ross P. Basubas Charmaine DC. Cabrera Adviser : Antonio B. Celis School : Wesleyan University-Philippines Major : Marketing Management Date of Defense : March 5, 2013 Statement of the Problem This study aimed to evaluate the operation of MSC Food Products Company. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions: 1. How would the business be evaluated in terms of the following aspects: 1.1. management 1.2. marketing 1.3. technical 1.4. financial 1. What are the problems encountered by the business? 2. What are the strategies being employed in order to cope up with the problems? 3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the business? 4. What are the future plans of the business? 5. What are the social benefits provided by the business? Scope and Delimitation This study deals on the evaluation of operation of the MSC Food Products Company. The areas embraced by the evaluation will include marketing, technical, management, and financial aspects based on the problems, solutions to the problems, strength and weaknesses of the business, future plans and social desirability of the said business. However under the financial aspect, other ratios cannot be analyze because of constraint in availability of financial data. Method of Research Used In this study, the descriptive method of research was used throughout the research process, which is consisted of the questionnaire, interview and observation. The interview with the used of prepared questionnaire was extended to the owner, managers and selected consignees of the MSC Food Products

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