Evaluating The Role Of Effective Communication In The Workplace

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effective communication Effective Communication Paper HCS/325 December 8, 2014 DeAnna Maddox Introduction Effective communication is very important to any organization from industrial to health care workplace environments. There should be a steady communication flow through each department internally and externally within an organization. I am employed by The Alabama Department of Transportation, which is consist 5,000+ employees that are divided into nine regions, which play a role in building and securing highways in the state of Alabama.. Communication between different agencies can be a little complex from the use of electronic mail messages to telephone communication. Although my occupation is different from health care workers the severity of an effective…show more content…
Daily communication improve an individual ability to communicate. During monthly meeting issues that may surface, which is not often are generally cause by a lack of communication. Also there are quarterly training classes employees have the opportunity to attend for improvement skills. Training is always considered a plus, especially for communication internal and external employees. Employee under the Compliance Bureau has to ensure all information is accurate before communicating with other employees. Inaccurate information only causes confusion within the workplace and amongst employees. Effective communication structures tends to make the work place environment free of any misunderstandings. However, when communicating with others it is important to be mindful of how the message is received. Tone is usually misunderstood in nonverbal communication methods such as electronic mail messages and written documents. In my opinion a simple phone call may clear the air of any vagueness from nonverbal communication methods.

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