Evaluating the Importance and Effectiveness of Campaigns Directed at Promoting Healthier Lifestyles for Families with Young Children.

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Evaluating the importance and effectiveness of campaigns directed at promoting healthier lifestyles for families with young children. The reason for this study is to examine the key issues surrounding the need to highlight to parents and carers the need to adopt healthier lifestyles within children's daily lives both at home and in their school or nursery settings. I am going to look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which display ideas of the essential needs of children and young people. There is a range of recent healthy lifestyle related campaigns designed to raise awareness of health and well-being which focus particularly on children and young people. I intend to investigate some of these campaigns and highlight the positive short- and long-term changes they can encourage. The campaigns I am going to focus on are Change4Life (2009), 5 A DAY (2003) and Jamie Oliver's school dinner (2005) campaign. I will present an argument about the Change4Life (2009) campaign and explain the possible benefits of adopting the recommendations featured in that campaign. I will be researching websites, textbooks and journals in order to gather information to support my argument and so that within my essay I can demonstrate wider reading, investigative skills and analysis of findings. I am also going to investigate the extent to which healthy eating is promoted in order to increase marketing sales. There are many factors that have an impact on families and young children, which can affect their capability of adopting a healthier lifestyle. The government has in recent years emphasised the need to promote children’s health and well-being within the home and in nursery or school settings (DH, 2011). There have been a number of initiatives and policies introduced in order to do this. The Department of Health (DH, 2011) works closely with the Department for Education (DE, 2011) in
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