Evaluating My School Essay

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Eric Tripp Mr. Eric Baker Composition 1 October 8, 2014 Going Down Hill Education is one of the main foundations for a child’s development and future. Failure at school is a serious concern for children and their parents. For many years the Augusta Public School District has been looked at as a failing school, but has been improving at a slow rate. Both schools are struggling academically and have an extremely low success rate. But, on the other hand coming to Augusta would be good for those whole like to be in a comfortable environment. Being at a smaller school lets many build a closer relationship with their teachers and plus students are recognized more for their hard working efforts. But, the main question that is asked often is, “if Augusta is heading in the right direction based on academics, sports, and behavior?” For the past three or four years Augusta High has been under loads of academic distress and has made many changes since then. Three days out of the week the State Department of Education comes and monitors the teachers and students in the learning environment. Many of the students in the classroom extremely lazy and show little to no care about their grades. During class students will show disrespect towards the teacher by sleeping, disrupting the class, and starting drama. While this is all going on inside the classroom, the people from the State Department are writing down what they see and are deciding to make changes for the future. Teachers have been getting replaced left and right because of their inability to control the students in the classroom. Many parents are removing their children out of Augusta Schools in order for them to have a better chance of being successful. Also because Augusta is a failing school, teachers fresh out of college come teach at the school for a minimum of

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