Evaluating a Website for Credibility Essay

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Evaluating a Website for Credibility Evaluating a Website for Credibility I was very interested in choosing a website for credibility as part of my work involves offering available resources to our patients and their families who suffer from chronic illnesses. One Chronic illness in particular is Diabetes. I chose to evaluate the credibility of Delaware Health and Social Services website as I know that this site offers multiple resources for our community, such as free vaccines for children, food banks and mental health services to name a few. The purpose of this website is to “To improve the quality of life for Delaware's citizens by promoting health and well-being, fostering self-sufficiency, and protecting vulnerable populations” (Delaware Health and Social Services, 2013). I typed in Google’s search engine Diabetes Management in the State of Delaware. I wanted a website that would make available information that is credible easy to understand that is in English and Spanish that I could share with my patients. The domain name that I chose was Diabetes Management Programs in the state of Delaware. The URL for this website http://dhss.delaware.gov/dhss/main/smbydiv.htm. Analysis of this Website Everyday healthcare professional rely on the worldwide internet for their own personal information or personal development (Roberts, 2010). However, some sites contain information that is not valid, lack quality and there dangerous website to explore (Roberts, 2010). To help me determine the credibility this website, Chamberlin 2015 suggest that students should explore authority, information, objectivity, ease of navigation, and privacy and security policies. Chamberlin, 2015 in weeks two lesson shares “Remember that anyone can produce a website. Just because something is published on the Internet does not mean that it is accurate. The astute
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