Evaluate the View That the Revolutionaries Successfully Consolidated Power

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. Evaluate the view that the revolutionaries successfully consolidated power. The revolutionaries when they first came to power in 1789 needed to consolidate it; they did this through the use of the terror and great terror. I will be discussing if they were successful or unsuccessful in their attempts to consolidate their power and how they did it. The ways that the revolutionaries were successful In consolidating power was when Maximilien Robespierre was leading the national assembly in 1794, and was looking for a way to make sure that no counter revolutions took place, and he believed that the best way to do this was to kill off all of the citizens who did not believe in the revolution. This time in France became known as “The Reign of Terror” and is seen as the bloodiest time in France’s history. Tens of thousands of people were killed, many of which may not have even been guilty of the crimes they were accused of. Georges Danton stated at the time “let us be terrible, in order that the people are not so…let us embody terror, so as to prevent the people from doing so” Danton believed that this was needed to show that the revolution was strong and shouldn’t be challenged, but he later on changes his mind and Robespierre has him sent to the ‘national razor’ (the guillotine). This helped to consolidate their power because it showed that they were serious and that they were willing to kill to keep the new revolution, so the terror was a big success for the revolutionaries. In 1793 Jean-Paul Marat, who wrote a paper called the friend of the people, was very influential with the people and was inciting violence. Marat was calling for the heads of those who didn’t support the revolution, he was calling for anyone with information about traitors to the revolution to come forward and tell him so he could print the names, one such person was charlotte Corday who
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