Evaluate the Three Strikes Law

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Anthony S Brzenski 64021 BCJ 501 Criminological Theory Unit # 2 Question # 1 Freud had been criticized for the central role played in his theory by psychosexual development. Examine the role of psychosexual development as described by Freud. Next, indicate whether you believe that the critics are correct and evaluate the basis of your decision. Sigmund Freud was a Viennese Physician who opined that parents had a crucial role in managing their children’s sexual development that we develop through five stages of psychosexual development with pleasure focused on one specific region of the body during each stage. Freud believed the personality consisted of three interworking parts the id, ego, and superego. He believed that they become joined as a child works through the five stages psychosexual development. Freud believed that the Id the largest part of the mind controlled desires and impulses and was the main source of basic needs. He believed that the ego and controlled reasoning. The ego controls behavior and does this to avoid negative consequences. The superego develops through interactions with individuals who wants the child to conform to societal norms. The superego restricts the desires of the Id by morals and societal values. Freud believed that conflicts existed between Id and the superego. These conflicts influence the of development personality. Anthony S Brzenski 64021 BCJ 501 Criminological Theory Unit # 2 Although Freud stages of development are related to children, Freud actually never treated children and based his theory off of his work with troubled adults. Freud’s five stages of psychosexual development theory are as follows. The oral stage infant achieves gratification through oral actives such as feeding, thumb sucking and babbling. The anal stage the child learns to respond to some of the demands of society, i.e., going to
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