Evaluate The Extent To Which Freud's Theory Of Psy

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Evaluate the extent to which Freud’s theory of pyschosexual development can help us to understand a clients presenting issue? A central aim of this essay is to demonstrate an understanding of Freud’s Theory of Psyhcosexual development and how this theory may help us to explain and identify adult neurotic behaviour. Evaluating the pros and cons of psycho sexual theory and the extent to which it helps us to understand a clients presenting issue. We shall define and consider the relationship between the Id, Ego and Super Ego and the way in which these constructs of our psyches are in many ways representative of earlier experiences and of those early situations and conflicts we had faced. Sigmund Freud is recognised as being one of the great forefathers of modern day psychology. He wrote at a time when society was much more inhibited than it is today, perhaps his views and theories are representative of the socio historical context in which he wrote and conducted his enquires? His theories have done much to develop our understandings of the psyche. Freud’s theory of psycho sexual development is a bio social theory, one that explains the Biological (instinctual) and the Social (Socialization). We live in a world that is in many ways characterised by restraint, conformity and inhibition, Some of Freud’s main works contribute to our understanding of our relationships toward this social world. As well as providing insights into our own biological and psychic natures. Freud was very interested in the influence that sexuality had on development and sexuality was a dominant theme in his work. (Berry:2000). He believed that personality was developed through a series of childhood stages, putting an emphasis on the early years of life as being crucial to personality development. In understanding psychosexual stages of development we aim to help the client
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