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Evaluate the effectiveness of two complementary therapies in maintaining health and wellbeing. Massage Concept | Percentage | A UK adult that has visited a massage therapy 2013 | 16% | A UK adult that has visited a massage therapist in their lives. | 37% | Men that visited 2013 | 10% | Women that visited 2013 | 22% | Overall it is mostly women that visit a massage base or somewhere that they may offer a massage. They have said that there is a 60:40 ratio of women to men that go and have a massage. People class a massage as a more feminine thing than a male thing to do but a simple massage can help you in health wise as well. Over half the people asked in 2013 within a few week period of after having the massage did they feel…show more content…
Finally we have stress, everybody at some stages of your life will get stressed it’s how different people deal with it and that is the key. Some people deal with it from having a nice relaxing massage as this relaxes your body and makes your stress levels fall a amount of 45% said that they have a massage in relation to stress like issues that they feel. Conclusion This Graph shows the proven benefits of massage, this proves that massage works and plays a big deal on the Health and Well-Being of the person that is having a Massage, as a result of having a massage it will help. It could be in any way of these above. You also need to take into account all the factors of your age and how many times that you go for a massage. For example if you have muscle pain and you have a massage and it helps but it comes back it would be good if you have more than one and get behind massage. My big opinion on massage is that I am behind it and me myself believes that massage does work and it helps people in different ways and if you are feeling stressed that’s the way to help get all your stress levels down. Hypnotheraphy

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