‘‘Evaluate the Claim That Person Centred Therapy Offers the Therapist All That He/She Will Need to Treat Clients’’

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‘‘Evaluate the claim that person centred therapy offers the therapist all that he/she will need to treat clients’’ Abraham Maslow’s theory about the development of mankind relies on the premise that mans behaviour arises from the way in which he continually strives to satisfy his needs. Maslow believes the needs are in hierarchy or urgency it goes on a pyramid with physiological needs such as food, warmth, shelter, sex etc at the bottom of the pyramid followed by safety needs that offers security, order, predictability and freedom of threat. Then love/ social needs for relationships, affection and belonging it goes up the hierarchy to self esteem needs which helps indecency, recognition, status and respect from others, with at the top of the pyramid is self actualisation which is a fulfilment of personal potential Maslow suggested that a person is constantly motivated to satisfy their needs and at any point in time his behaviour will be directed at satisfy a need that is lowest in the hierarchy will need to be satisfied the most. All need in the hierarchy of needs is present in one form or another but only when the basic needs are fulfilled will the next level emerge. Where the lower biological needs are likely to be fulfilled more complex needs become ‘pre-eminent’. If the physiological needs are met you need to make yourself secure. If you generally feel safe social needs begin to emerge. The four needs have been termed ‘deficiency’ needs, because they represent a drive to attain a degree of satisfaction, or to satisfy defiance. Maslow felt that most humans only fulfil the bottom four sets of needs in the hierarchy, they felt that it was a great puzzle and wanted to assist people to move to the ultimate point, that or self actualisation. Self actualisation is the fulfilment of one’s highest potential, beyond the other needs it can take many forms, but basically

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