Evaluate Strategies for Coping with Stress

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Evaluate strategies for coping with stress When a person feels stressed, they feel that with the resources that they have, they cannot reach the demands of the situation. This may apply to people of all ages in a wide range of situations. It may happen in work, where a person cannot finish their work on time, or it may happen with teenagers when they feel that with their knowledge, they are unable to do well in their exams because they feel that their knowledge is insufficient. People may take on different coping strategies based on what works best for them. This essay will explore the coping strategy of social support and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR). When a person uses social support as a strategy to cope with stress, they are using their social network to attain different types of support. They may gain: emotional support, where their social network shares warmth and understanding; practical support, where their social network provides the person with money, or they may give informational support where help is given to the person according to what they need. The social network that people gain social support from may be large or small, and it could be anybody. Different people may value family relationships differently. Some may feel that their family is the greatest social support. However there may be another group of people who feel that their friends or culture provide a greater network for social support. At times, the internet may be the place where people feel that they can gain the highest amount of social support, despite not knowing the people that they’re talking or sharing information with, they may feel that since they have experience and information about the same problem that one may have, they can relate to them. There may be gender differences towards the degree in which on feels that they can benefit from social support.
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