Evaluate Own Supervision Practice – Knowledge and Skills – Using Appropriate Analytical Frameworks.

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My knowledge prior to beginning this course was based on two things. Firstly my experience of being supervised as a Support Worker over two years and secondly (and more recently) the supervision I had been providing for 5 months to my team of practitioners as a Service Delivery Manager for the same organization. I had also studied An Introduction To Counseling Skills, a ten week course, which introduced me to concepts such as active listening, and Rogers’ three core conditions. I felt that the supervision I was providing was competent, but wanted to affirm this feeling of competency, discover what more there was to supervision and learn about some less standard techniques to broaden my supervision skills. My supervision up until the point of beginning the course had very much been an emulation of the supervision I’d received myself as a practitioner. As a practitioner, I was very unhappy in one of my schools. As it happened, all my supervision occurred in that school, and nearly all of my supervision concerned my frustrations regarding working in that environment. One of the first tasks I did on this course was to complete the self-assessment. From the self-assessment I realised that my supervision had been predominantly (almost exclusively) supportive. Focusing in further on the supportive nature of the supervision I realised that my two years in supervision had been largely an offload, which I needed. I needed other things as well though, and as I was only too happy to spend an hour every two weeks offloading, I identified that it would have been more beneficial had my supervisor challenged me and taken me out of my comfort zone into speaking about cases. I decided that I would like to strike a better balance between Kadushin’s three functions of supervision; the educative, managerial and supportive, whilst still allowing the supervisee to lead and keep their

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