Evaluate How Your Presentation Went.

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Evaluate how your presentation went. I think that my presentation was not bad, because I explained what my presentation and I give clear information on every slide. Also at the end of the presentation my audience was happy about my presentation, because their knowledge increased. Considering all of this I think that my presentation was successful. In my presentation I tried to not use too many words on this slides so that my presentation was not too boring. I use some pictures to make sure that my audience understood what I was talking about. If I had to do my presentation again I would improve my presentation by adding some things to it. For example I would demonstrate more of the skills that I talk about. This will help the pupils to understand better how important are this skills for the fire service. It is better to use instruction during my presentation, because this helps to get the message across. Advantages of using presentation to get my message across. * By using presentation I could mention things that I wanted to talk about, this will help me to remember things that I want to tell my audience. * Also in my presentation I could use pictures without printing them. * Presentation will help get my message across, because audience can read the writing, pictures and other things which will help them to better understand the information. The disadvantages of using presentation to get my message across. - Everyone might not understand my message across. The reason might be using complicated words that people have never heard. - Some of the people might not understand the presentation, because I was not using different ways of speaking. In presentation there might be some communication problems. For example if I have something that I want talk about in my slide, but I forget what I want to say, my presentation will be not good and the audience
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