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Evaluate Factors Impact on Customer Satisfaction of Homestay Travel in Vietnam Essay

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Below is an essay on "Evaluate Factors Impact on Customer Satisfaction of Homestay Travel in Vietnam" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Bachelor of Business Administration Thesis
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Evaluate factors impact on customer satisfaction of Homestay travel in Vietnam |
Group Members | Tran Thi Tam Linh – BA0175 |
| Ngo Anh Duy – BA60106 |
| Nguyen Son Lam – BA60071 |
| Ho Dang Vu Thi – BA60056 |
Supervisor | Tran Dinh Thanh |

Executive Summary
Homestay is popular type of tourism in the world. But it is not really developed in Vietnam; even many people do not know it. Based on this thesis, we want to introduce Homestay to everyone. Besides, purpose of this research is find answer for question “what factors impact on customer satisfaction with Homestay service?” From this research, managers will know what they need to do for improvement Homestay service. And investments can find suitable direction for Homestay service in Vietnam. We believe that our thesis is useful document for other researchers. They can use our thesis as foundation to expand research such customer loyalty.
Our thesis includes 5 parts: in introduction part, we introduce some information about tourism Vietnam, objectives of research. Besides, subject and scope of research; practical significance and barriers of study. After introduction, literature review we will mention to some definitions about tourism, Homestay. Especially, this part will focus on concepts and models about customer satisfaction. We will base on theories, preliminary research and model gap to build suitable model with factors impact on customer satisfaction. In this research, 200 surveys will be sent to collect information about factors affecting satisfaction. So, we will mention survey sampling researches; ways to build scale; type of scales or designing questionnaire in research methodology part. After having data, we will analyse data through SPSS. In detail, we will analyse reliability of scale, exploratory factor, correlation, regression and One Way Analysis of Variance in data analysis...

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