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Evaluate critically the impact of different types of physical activity on the skeletal and muscular systems, with reference to lifelong involvement in an active lifestyle. A physical activity is the force exerted by the skeletal muscles that result in energy expenditure above your resting level. Also is uses the full range of human movements, from competitive sport and exercise to active hobbies, walking and cycling or activities from everyday life. Low impact sports are any sport with minimal wear on and trauma to weight-bearing joints, especially of the foot, knee and hip, low impact sports verify from cycling to swimming. When performing low impact sports throughout life you are causing many different effects on the skeletal and muscular system, some positive and some negative. On the skeletal system when performing low impact physical activity you are helping to improve the density of your bones therefor making them stronger and healthier, doing this will help prevent the common bone disease osteoporosis. Osteoporosis leads to an increase risk of fractures on the bones and can also be found in all ages but is commonly associated with the older generation. Secondly doing low impact sports can improve the health and mobility of joints; meanings that they are able to obtain more weight with our as much strain placed on them helping to eliminate the risk of osteoporosis. Low impact sports will also help you improve the impact on your muscular system when taking part in physical activity, and example of this would be that it helps to improve the stability of your joints, therefor because of the regularity of doing the particular physical activity you will be strengthening the surrounding muscles. So with this effect on the joints it means that you are less likely to be sprained and strained at the joints because your ligaments and tendons are

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