Euthryphro And Socrates Dialogue Essay

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This essay will analyze the dialogue between Socrates and Euthryphro that takes place before Socrates’ trial with the gods of Athens. Though there were many concepts that were shared throughout the dialogue, I chose to discuss Socrates’ argument of piety, love, and what is just and unjust. Socrates’ dialogue with Euthryphro is one of many forms of tedious arguments that Socrates’ is able to present to his peers. This argument is a pivotal question in Socrates’ philosophy. It teaches us the meaning of free will and being able to independently decide what is truly pious or impious based on personal beliefs. In brief, the dialogue, Socrates tells Euthryphro how he is being put on trial for supposedly corrupting the youth and not fully believing in the god’s that the city believes in. Socrates doesn’t believe that he is guilty for any act, and seeking help from Euthryphro to educate him in how to act during his trial. With that, Euthryphro then shares a time when he was prosecuted for putting his father to trial due to a murder that his father unintentionally committed, and even though it was an unintentional act, it was still seen as a crime to the Greeks. After hearing what Euthryphro has to say about the prosecution of his father, he realizes that Euthryphro is a very wise man. Euthryphro tells him that because he is so strong with his religious beliefs, he is unique and is the right person to help Socrates be strong and give him support on his trial with Meletus. Euthryphro then teaches him about what is holy and…show more content…
-Analysis: how it relates to my own life, and what I see this argument as Conclusion: Sum up the main points and bring it back to Socrates’ life- tie all

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