Euthansia Should Be Illegal Essay

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Why Euthanasia Should be Illegal In March 2007, during a practice session at Nuneaton Rugby Club, a U-16 England International player named Daniel James was paralyzed from the chest downwards when a scrum collapsed on top of him, breaking his neck. Unable to make the enormous mental adjustment from robust athlete to tetraplegic, he became convinced that he wanted to end his life. His condition, however, meant that he could not commit suicide, unless he chose the long and painful horrors of starvation. On September 12th Daniel James, aged 23, he travelled to the Netherlands with his parents and killed himself by lethal injection in a suicide clinic. “This young man, Daniel James, did not need help to kill himself, he needed help to live with severe disability,” said my Uncle Dr. George Paletta, he also added “What is needed is a more positive outlook in caring for people’s physical and spiritual needs. People can come through these difficulties.” With Euthanasia being available Daniel James didn’t even make an attempt to maike improvements, he simply just gave up. That is why I believe that the practice of Euthanasia should be abolished. The harms in euthanasia are that if a patient is not in the right state of mind when asking for euthanasia, they may accidentally request to end their own lives. Abolishing euthanasia will end any chance of people with psyhciatric problems to be given an easy way to kill themselves. Also people who are paralyzed are not able to just give up, like the Daniel James did. Another harm is that apparently caring for someone’s life has become too expensive, and doctors will offer euthanasia to a patient in order to stay ahead and to make room for another patient that is able to pay the bills. With greater and greater emphasis being placed on managed care, many doctors are at financial risk when they provide treatment for their

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