Euthanasias Essay

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English 1302 Persuasive essay EUTHANASIAS “Let me die, I can not suffer anymore, that’s really hurt. Don’t waste your time, money, and work, it won’t help” said a terminally ill person that i know to her son and daughter. in life, if everything is going well, no one want to think about the death. but life is sometime unfair, and it sometime put people in such a terrible situation, that they have to choose to die to stop suffering. For example, a patient in a terminal term who medicine application won’t help anymore, have to bear the pain every day, and the doctors have to use some kinds of machines to keep his or her life. if this patient want to be granted euthanasia, should he or she be permitted. A person with a terminal disease should be granted euthanasia by the doctors if he or she desire it to respect the human right, reduce economic burden, stop suffering. The first important thing is patients have to choose to be alive or not because this is a personal decision. The doctors and the government don’t have the right to decide if you want to live or not because it is not theirs life. They are not in the situation; they don’t know how hurt the patients are bearing, so how can they have the right to make a decision for the patients? in nowadays freedom society, we have the right to choose what kind of jobs, family, and even of sex preference we like, so why don’t we have the right to live our life? The second one is about financial problem. We are living in the term that economic is going down, too many people is struggling to make money for their family life. Consequently, there is no reason for us to pay money from hard working for nothing, right? The hospital fee, the medicine bill are going up, while the patient is getting worse, so why we have to waste money that way. on the other hand, if the

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