Euthanasia: Should It Be Legalized

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Euthanasia: Should it be Legalized? I. Introduction A. Attention Grabber a. Eluana Enlger Story B. Background Info: a. What happened in the Eluana Elger case C. Statement of Relevance a. Euthanasia is an option that should be in place D. Thesis: Euthanasia should be legalized in cases of unbearable pain, when there is a lack of medical resources, and because people always have the right to die. II. Body Paragraph 1 – Historical or Background information on Topic A. Background on Euthanasia I. Source information III. Body Paragraph 2 – Reason #1 from thesis B. Unbearable pain I. Source information IV. Body Paragraph 3-Reason #2 from thesis C. Lack of medical resources I. Source information V. II. Body Paragraph 4-Reason #3 from thesis D. People have the right to die I. Source information VII. Concluding Paragraph A. Restatement of Thesis B. Restatement of Main Points C. Call to Action Eluana Englar is a thirty-eight year old woman who had been in a persistent vegetative state for seventeen years due to a car accident. Eluana was finally put to rest by her father, who won a decade long battle to carry out what he believed to be Eluana’s last wishes. They knew she wouldn’t want to live in a vegetative state between life and death, artificially kept alive through the use of machines. In a vegetative state, patients can open their eyelids occasionally and demonstrate sleep-wake cycles, however they completely lack cognitive function, have no speech or other forms of communication. People such as Eluana Englars’ father feel that the right to die should be a permitted choice to everyone in a terminal state (Israely). This is a classic example of a right to die case where one human being and her family have been dealt a distressing life changing tragedy that could happen to any one

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