Euthanasia, Morally Right? Essay

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Abstract The purpose and goal of this paper is to provide an overview of the nation-wide debate of the usage of euthanasia. Euthanasia is a drug that is used in order to end a persons’ life but in which is medically provided by a physician. This overview will provide an introduction, introducing euthanasia and its’ effect; it will also provide a background on the drug, to include its’ history, along with the most well-known case of the infamous Dr. Death, or better known as Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Presented statistics and polls are also included to make a point. It is a clear fact that euthanasia will always be uneasy with society, but the main fact to think about is, is unnecessary suffering with no hope of life acceptable and wanted by those enduring the pain? Introduction The use of euthanasia has been an ongoing debate since the 1940’s (Carroll 2006). Many physicians toss and turn on the debate as to whether or not the taking of one’s own life with probable cause and the assistance of a doctor to administer drug is adequate. Today’s society uses religion or self-believed opinions combined with statistics to try and prove a point. Although a clear incline statistics of suicides have been provided by Pearson’s 2011 article, Assisted Suicide Is Not Necessary, Pearson failed in arguing her side when she began to compare euthanasia to assisted suicide, or suicide in general. Society is not well-educated with euthanasia and therefore is against it as soon as they hear its main purpose. Understanding the pro’s, con’s, and the accessibility to this drug might persuade a not only a change of heart but a change of mind-frame allowing people the right to make the decisions to end their own life of pain and torment. Understanding euthanasia will change the decision of using this drug world-wide. Background The first time euthanasia was publicly spoken of was in

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